Nobody Starts Business With 100%

Out of Ten, You Automatically Score 3.5 for opening your business!!

The longest part of the entrepreneurial journey is making that call to start your business. Well, realistically, waiting to break even and make a profit usually seems like an even longer wait but, the indecisiveness of when to plunge is mostly tumultuous.

I am writing this to encourage any person who is contemplating whether or not to start their business; whether on their own or in a partnership. The time to start is NOW! There is never a day you will wake up with 100% of what you mentally desire to start your business. The best thing to do is to let your business grow itself. Start with the greatest asset you have, your will.

For that will comes from passion. And passion is everything in business. And the day you start, you have accomplished a third of your business journey yet to come. So don’t be afraid of not having anything; you have more than you need with the desire in your heart. And for that, your business is starting at 30%. You score 3.5 out of ten on the day you start your business.

Being at 30% is huge, the remaining 70% you will crack as you go along. So start today. Start NOW. Decide, for the rest of your life is waiting on that pending decision. I am watching you…come on, start!



  1. really inspired . …this has even given more zeal to pursue my new business venture…am happy to know that once I start …i have a 3.5 score which is something!

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