Aleezas Platinum Goes To Dubai!

Forget the hype and fuss over all things salon(s) in Nairobi and the world over, at Aleezas, we are building a Global Brand and Fostering Strong Careers through which we deliver a Premier Professional Service! The rest is all bonus!

If you have listened to me when I talk about my business, then you know that my greatest motivation is my team. I always say every decision I make affects more than just the people I work with. It’s their families, spouses, children, parents – all their dependents.

I have invested a lot of my time, energy and personal knowledge in besides running a working business, shaping and mentoring individuals who I believe have unexploited potential. I have taken the time to try and build a team which is dedicated and committed to working at Aleezas, and not just for the paycheck. Loyalty is built over time and rewarded deservedly.

Together we have made Hairdressing and Beauty a fun and respectable job. We have trained and fostered international service delivery standards right here at home.

Today it’s our turn to break out of the nest! I am so pleased and honored to take a part of my team to Dubai for the Beauty World Middle East 2018 Expo which will be held at The Dubai World Trade Centre. This is an annual gig that brands from the world over come to exhibit on latest technologies and trends, and I am glad my team will be a part.

They will be trained on among other things cut and colour (metallics) for hairdressers and poly gel for the nail techs, while attending product launches of 100 new products and Inspirational Performances and Contests on latest trends and techniques.

When someone says taking things to a whole new level, I believe we stand to be counted ?. Come with us on a journey of learning and experience with us what it takes to be PLATINUM!

Cheers ?!


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