Winning Smiles & Grateful Faces

Anyone in business (small and big) will tell you that in the last many months businesses in Kenya have experienced significant change; be it upward or downward, the change, growth or decline has been significant.

A good example is luxury business. People who sell luxuries (little and big things we can do away with when the economic crunch has hit right through our dining tables to the extent that we cannot eat ugali); those are the people who have long stories which haven’t had happy endings in the recent past. While that may sound extreme, where can there be a happy ending when milk is retailing at Ksh 160 per litre as you sell hair and nail extensions?

Case in point, such people include yours truly. While we Aleezas have a lot to be thankful for, we have had our share of challenges by being one ‘luxury’ that consumers have either cut off of downgraded from. Indulge me here; I have profiled my business on three major pillars:

  1. People
  2. Products
  3. Professionalism

I like to call them the 3 P’s of a successful beauty business, and what they stand for is the crème de la crème of their category. So I have invested in forming and training my team to be the right people offering 100% professional services with the best products globally. And while the economic environment may have almost pushed us to skew our offering, I have consistently made the solid decision to stand tall and literally walk through the storm.

I am pleased to announce that my efforts have not gone unnoticed. The Professional Authority for all hair textures, LÓreal Professional has awarded Aleezas a LÓreal Professional Salon Expert Certificate. (Read my next article as I break down what exactly that means for salon business in the ENTIRE GLOBE!!!) What I can assure you is that it is definitely worth the smile I am currently wearing. It doesn’t matter how much or for how long you put in your soul into your business, it will always bear fruit. Your effort in doing legit business without short changing your clients will always be rewarded!





  1. You always motivate me
    Be blessed mum and you always give me the reason of the real meaning of HARD WORK PAYS

  2. Congratulations to this winning team Aleezas! And this is just but the beginning of many more to come. May God open the flood gates of heaven…

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