My Top 5 Don’ts for a Start Up

As aforesaid in my last post, when you decide to start a business, like everything else in life, everyone around you has an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do. Mostly it’s in good faith and the ideas and rulebook can sometimes be overwhelming. I shared my top 5 do’s; here are the dont’s:

  1. Do not listen to naysayers. Not everyone is happy for you and they will judge everything from your choice of business to the service or product you are selling. Just remember your reasons and effort to put up a running business and focus on that. A running business means as little as an open door for business.
  2. Do not try too many things at once. Start small. Let your business grow itself. If you spread yourself too thin you will only complain that your business isn’t working yet it’s your effort that is overstretched.
  3. Do not shortchange your customers or clients. Don’t take shortcuts; they in turn become very expensive. Whatever you under deliver in the name of saving the business money comes back to bite you hard.
  4. Do not be a know it all. The world is a vessel of knowledge. Watch and learn from especially your competitors. Don’t fault their choices, learn from them and make your business better.
  5. Do not give up. In the early days, weeks, months even years of a business, it’s pretty hard to see the light at the end of your tunnel. Business growth takes time. Some are lucky to get a head start over others but Rome wasn’t built in a day right. Be patient. Do your time. Do not give up on your baby!


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