The Joy of Giving!

Faith handing a dozen of canned juice to one of the recipients

In my undergraduate study at USIU, Community Service was a compulsory course to complete a degree. Whatever your major was, from International Business Administration to Journalism and International Relations, there was no graduation without a Credit from supervised community service.

To add to that, I became Miss USIU in my Freshman year and that in itself involved lots of serving the underprivileged and less fortunate. That experience for the three and a half years I was there taught me about the gift and joy that it is to give. From giving time to actual material items, there’s nothing more fulfilling than putting a smile on another person’s face because of extending what you have.

And giving has nothing to do with having. For instance, we all have TIME. The one thing under the sun that has been given equally to all of mankind. At least we can all say we can give our time where it is needed. I enjoy giving. I have learnt over the years that it is better to give than to receive; because while you give the universe has a way of thanking you by giving you even more when you least expect it. My lessons:

  • We don’t give because we have, we give because we can
  • We have so much, extend a little
  • As you run your business, find a way of serving the community around you
Goya Foods

I recently joined family and friends in a joined venture of donating food for some underprivileged people in Kilifi in the Kenyan Coast. The event was sponsored by Goya International, Carmelo and Gladys & Kennedy Muga. Here are some photos and short documentary FOOD FOR LIFE done by Furet Films, which I was honoured to narrate.


What have you given lately?


Photography: Clement Kiragu

Video: Furet Films – Betty Kathungu Furet & Simiyu Barasa

Sponsors: Goya, Carmelo, Breakthrough International Chapel, Gladys & Kennedy Muga.

Sponsors & Volunteers


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