The Gift of Family!

From L-R: Faith, Gladys, Mum, Betti & Carol.

Photography By:Clement Kiragu

There’s a sweetness and joy and fulfillment that only comes with the gift of family. Yes, far as we think of it as a gift, family really is a God-given gift. It is a privilege to belong in one, and even greater joy to share momentous moments. A little over a week ago we had the honour to celebrate as a family my mother’s 60th birthday and my sister’s bountiful wedding at Lake Serena Elmenteita Camp. In Kenya, we call this ‘dabo dabo blessing’.

That weekend reminded me that there is so much we take for granted as humans; it is not every day a whole family gathers to celebrate two successful occasions back to back. From the officiating pastor of my sister’s wedding, the most beautiful thing he said that my parents were honoured by God to both walk their daughter down the aisle; that they were not represented and they were physically able to do their duty. Having my parents as they are is a gift, and we as ‘children’ (we are mothers and grandmothers!) are entirely grateful to God. My Brother Sam, and sisters Jojo and Polo, we missed you.

Enjoy pics from the weekend!!

Happy 60th Mum! Forever Beautiful.

Congratulations Gladys & Kennedy!


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