Always Sisters, Forever Friends!

In a recent trip to Dubai with my sister and two of my closest friends, I learnt that the person who said “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” was absolutely right.

We planned a 7-day trip with very many objectives; we literally needed to kill many birds with one stone. Among others we wanted to have fun as girls, shop till we drop, make merry and see the world, and above all explore business opportunities – the later mainly for my friends.

Myself, my main objective was to attend the Beauty World Middle East ( annual expo where the world gathers to showcase latest brands, equipment, techniques and technologies in the Hair, Beauty and Spa! This was my second year to attend and I was in awe just like the first time. I plan to go on the next one with some of my team members.

Anyhow, from all the things we got doing, including the walking for hours on end, I learnt that my friends (and sister who is also my very good friend) are a reflection of me, and I them. We are so different, yet so alike. I love them very much and admire them, and the choices we made together in those 7 days under one roof we proved beyond reasonable doubt that we have each other’s backs and we drive and push each other to do more, and do better. We are not to count the years we’ve been doing this J. We are able to correct each other, share opinions and even disagree to agree, or agree to disagee. When I look at them, I see success, happiness and love. And that’s a future I desire.

So dears, look around your circle of friends and know that your future stares you in the face.


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