One Helluva Party!

All work and no play makes Faith a very dull girl. I promised to be sharing snippets of my personal life with you, just to make myself more relatable. You are my business family and for that you can know a little more about me besides the business talk I am always giving you (sic).

So, my sisters and I decided to throw one of us a beautiful bridal shower at The Bedelle. To be honest, we just wanted her to have something special and memorable and we did exactly that. With the help of my millennial friends, and her extended family and friends, we had a beautiful and serene, simple but classy shower which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Of course, our Clement Kiragu was there to ensure we did not miss a memory. If you want to have a party like this one or even better, talk to my friend Rachael – another upcoming entrepreneur. Cake  – Only David Ngotho – GoldenBrown Cake House can pull that off!

Enjoy the photos!

Congratulations again Gladys – You must allow me to share your wedding story 🙂



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