My Vote, My Future

I am proudly Kenyan. However, that patriotism has been tested probably more than my faith for many reasons I will not delve into. However, I still am proudly Kenyan. And that’s why I have invested my future and my business in our great and beautiful country.

In the recent past, I have struggled with my choice to either vote, or sleep in all day on election day. I know the former should be a no brainer but like I said, my patriotism has been tested quite a bit.

Nevertheless, regardless of how I feel about the choices we have vying for all political seats, I would be preaching water and drinking wine by saying that we need to secure our country for our children and our businesses yet I have decided not to do the bare minimum by voting.

So, I will be voting tomorrow. Let’s all do that. We need a country which is favourable to start and run young businesses; a country where ‘Kanjo’ (County Council) does not treat business people like lawbreakers. We need to vote worthy leaders who will shape our country in what we envisage it to be for our children and their children.


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