Hallo Hopeful September!

September for me marks the end of cold rainy season and a long well deserved school holiday for our kids! September, in countries which experience all four seasons is FALL. It really symbolizes the end of summer in those countries, bracing them for a tough last quarter of the year. In Kenya however, September comes with more hope than gloom of winter anticipation. September brings hope that what we haven’t achieved in the whole year we can do in OND (October, November, December)! We must have a befitting Christmas Holiday, RIGHT?

That said, this September it is absolute Business UNUSUAL due to the presidential election/petition/ruling that has taken and will take longer than we anticipated. It feels like ‘winter’ is coming for businesses. I think I can confidently say as a developing nation we were and still aren’t ready for our first world constitution – we voted without reading, right? However, we have started slowly and surely implementing the powers that the most powerful institution grants every citizen.

Either way, we need to work very hard for our children to grow in a country where business and politics run almost independently. We cannot afford to be slaves of our political systems. The two must complement each other and run in tandem. I pray for that Kenya.

So regardless of the goings on of the laws that be, here’s to making your September the best yet! Here’s to accomplishing 2017 pending goals in the next four months. Happy September, it really is a beautiful month! Everything else must fall in place.


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