Aleezas – A Globally Competitive Entity

From L-R: L’Oreal East Africa Sales Director Consumer Products Peter Kabatha, Aleezas Director Faith Kabira, L’Oreal East Africa MD Benjamin Rachaw & Loreal East Africa Professional Division Business Head Edward Ochanda

If you read my last article, you already know that Aleezas Salon was granted a Salon Expert Certificate by L’Oréal East Africa. It is important to state that we are the first of a few salons that will attain this status is Kenya. But what exactly does the salon expert certification mean for us as a business, and better yet what does it mean to you our clients?

The Salon Expert Certification is essentially a guarantee of highest quality salons in a territory. In our case, East Africa. This highest quality criteria is measured by:

  1. Quality Service – that our salon guarantees the client value for money
  2. Credible Products – globally acclaimed L’Oréal Professional and Mizani Products
  3. Professional Expertise – Diagnosis & Prescription; handling hair, nails and skin the professional way, not in the assumption of stylist/therapist or the way the client ‘wants’. We are able to draw the line between what is required and client’s needs to foster a lasting healthy relationship with the best results
  4. Environment – the ambience; a clean, beautiful and relaxing environment
  5. Trendy – fashionable, current

As a business, this means that L’Oréal Professional believes we have attained an internationally competitive status; that we measure up to other great salons out there. I am therefore entirely grateful to the L’Oréal Pro East Africa team for literally holding our hand in our journey. This is barely the beginning for us because there is nothing I desire more than creating a sustainable business. I am even more grateful to my team for the patience and hard work put in to achieve this success. The long hours in training (internal and external) have not gone in vain.

Having said that, we know that we have a lot to do to maintain and make better our current standing. We promise to always deliver The Platinum Experience.



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