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And Platinum was Born!!

My initial idea of having a very high-end salon was conceived in 2015. This was after the success we had seen with Aleezas Executive after only two years of operation. I had a beautiful idea, and the more I travelled and got exposed to the global salon industry, the more my beautiful idea turned into something that scared me so much up until two weeks ago. To be very honest, I did not think I would pull this one off.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that salon business is mainly Hair Business. However, I started mine the other way around; with Nails – making our Hair Business lag behind the Nail Business for a long time. I therefore had to immerse myself into understanding the Billion Dollar Business that is Hair so as to uplift my Hair Segment. My first decision was to partner with L’Oréal Professional . Our partnership is very simple on paper – we use their products exclusively while they train us and elevate us to a 100% professional salon.

Secondly, I had to find a salon furniture manufacturer who specialized in luxury and comfort, while understanding the science of Hair and Beauty. A manufacturer who has studied and created the most comfortable styling chairs and backwash sinks that you can never feel like you’ve sat for too long, even after doing hair colouration for 6 hours – ladies, you know exactly what I mean. I chose Maletti.

Thirdly, I had to find a Kenyan designer who understood the global market as well as the Kenyan market to incorporate the two and create something very premium and also relatable. I chose Mambo Interiors.

Fourth, for the general look and branding items, the idea of Platinum was simplified into a beautiful Icon and Logo by the very talented Clement Kiragu. The look speaks for itself with simplicity and minimalism.

Fifth – myself and my team had to work on the day to day operations and  running of a premier centre. I have put in a lot of working hours which have been nothing but blood, sweat and many endless tears.

And with that, not limited to the five aspects, we created the First Designer Furnished and 100% Professional Salon in Kenya. Allow me to explain what a Professional Salon is – it’s a Hair & Beauty centre that has trusted and professionally designed Equipment and Furniture. It’s also a salon that uses only Professional Products – these are products that you cannot buy over the counter or in a retail store. They are sold to professionals by manufacturers after rigorous training on their usage. And lastly, it’s a salon where the professional (hairdresser or beauty therapist) advises on the need for your hair, nail or skincare regimen, and not the other way around. Yes, you will tell us what you would like to achieve and we will tell you the best way to achieve it and with which product.

I must say until the 20th Feb 2018, I was completely terrified of what I was getting myself into. I kept wondering, did I make a mistake by going all out? Is this the right market for setting up this kind of business? Why hasn’t anyone done it before? I was completely terrified throughout the process; but there was no backing off.

We had a beautiful and successful well attended launch event, and for the last two weeks I know more than ever my fears were unnecessary. It’s time as Kenyan entrepreneurs we focused 100% on offering the best service possible that we can compete globally. I attribute my small and big successes in not shortchanging my clients.

As you start or run your business today, do not falter or be blindsided by all factors that affect your business especially negatively. Just keep pushing. It has taken me four years to get to Platinum – and it couldn’t have taken shorter. As I always say, “Time is the sentence we must serve as entrepreneurs.” There’s no shortcut to success. None whatsoever.

Till next time, I look forward to hosting you at Aleezas Platinum Salon & Spa! Enjoy launch pics!



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