Aleezas – Home of The Platinum Experience!

When Safaricom gave a thorough ‘panel beating’ to the then ‘Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani’ there was no way it was going to retain that mouthful of a name. No offence to Kenyan politicians who ensure we never forget them thanks to names of roads, schools and even airports. I digress, sorry. The now very beautiful stadium (latest thanks to IAAF Championship just concluded) had to have a name with a sense of pride. A tagline to remember and even inspire the younger generation – The Home of Heroes. And there are so many heroes from good old Kipchoge Keino to my personal favourite David Rudisha. It’s their home. It’s where they train and grow their careers to eventually become real Kenyan heroes.

So what’s our deal at Aleezas? We strive to give word class personal grooming services without shortchanging our clients, whatsoever. We live by three P’s as detailed in a previous article. People, Products and Professionalism. These three P’s have helped us create and sustain an environment so calm and peaceful that this July we embark on our 5th year in business. Five years is a relatively short time. In running a small or medium business, five years is a lifetime!!!

Photo: Sixty100 Entertainment

We have gone through half of the growth curve (Existence, Survival, Success, Take Off and Maturity; Read about the 5 stages of small business growth from Havard Business review. I am hopeful that the second half of our journey will be more forgiving.

The best thing about the past four years is we have been able to create an experience. It’s not just about going to the Salon, or Spa, or Kinyozi; it’s about the experience. I am forever indebted to our clients who have brought us thus far. Platinum has been made by you. You have made Aleezas Platinum. Because of you we have created a Home. Because of you we have created A Platinum Experience!!! Home is where the heart is, as romantics would say.

Thank you for making Aleezas your home! Your Home of The Platinum Experience.

Happy 4th Anniversary Team Aleezas!


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