My 4.5 Years Aleezas Story

I have been creating a growth strategy for around two years now. This process has been to say the least, exhausting. Aleezas Executive is exactly 4 and a half years old this December. As I have said many times before, running this business has been my day job since I quit my job in advertising.

At the beginning, I opened a barbershop which metamorphosed into a salon and then a Spa. This was at Commodore Office Suites in Kilimani. Two years later, my growth curve was exceptional and I opened another branch of the salon, Aleezas Thika Rd that is next to USIU.

At that same time, I opened a ‘spin-off’ barbershop in Kilimani called Kobia Kutz (I closed Kobia Kutz after one year of operations – story for another day).

In that period, (end of 2015), after two tears of running a business as an amateur, my maiden branch had grown so much that I started looking for a bigger space to serve a wider clientele. I had one fantastic idea– to open a third branch of Aleezas which would be more Premium; still in Kilimani. And my quest for commercial space approximately 2000 square feet began.

Long story short I landed at Adlife Plaza, literally 500 metres from our current location and started the process of acquiring the space. I did not know how hard it would be until I realized it had taken me two years to finalize. And in October this year I signed papers and my new journey began. My very fantastic idea of opening a 3rd branch however had turned into converting and moving physically the maiden branch from Commodore to Adlife.

In those two years, a lot has happened in our market. Clients are demanding more and better; they want better service, highest quality products, convenience and affordability. Also, more high-end salons have opened in our area making competition huge. And that is what has shaped my strategy of what I will introduce to you in January – ALEEZAS PLATINUM. When you think Standard Chartered Priority Banking, Or Barclays Premier Banking, you will think Aleezas Platinum Salon & Spa! Watch this space…



  1. Running more than one branch of a business for a young business is extremely difficult. It is for this reason I did not open a 3rd branch. It is however possible after you have laid a strong foundation and working systems. Baby steps
  2. Do not be too quick to implement your thoughts. Run them through your clients, mentors and other entrepreneurs
  3. Do not be afraid to take huge risks and be different. The higher the risk, the higher the returns
  4. Be patient. Patience in business is difficult because everything costs money. But be patient. Let your brand grow itself
  5. Do not be swayed into thinking more about your competitor’s offerings than your own. Build your brand and focus on your offering. Be consistent and do not shortchange your clients. One lifetime client is more valuable than five who are seasonal.

Until next time, enjoy the holidays! Looking forward to a very bountiful 2018!



  1. Wow! This is incredible girl. I love your growth strategy. I get to learn and challenged every time I read your articles. Kudos. Blessed holidays.

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