Entering 3rd Floor!

I recently celebrated my 30th. WOW!! Entering third floor, as we like to euphemize our 30’s got me feeling renewed, refreshed, re-energized, but also scared. The last eight years of my life, since my undergraduate graduation have been filled with lots of fun, learnings, experiences, mistakes…and all this has moulded me into the person I am today.

Renewed and Refreshed because I feel like I have a new lease of life, literally. A chance to have more fun, learn more, experience more and turn mistakes into valuable lessons I can share. A chance to do more.

Scared because I feel I have a very long way to get where I want to be. I want and yearn to do and accomplish so much, I want to live, love, learn, give! I have big dreams and that scares me. Small town girl (and I mean literally small town of Embu) ready to conquer the WORLD!

But I choose to face my fears head on. I choose to love like never before. I choose to take on life’s surprises and embrace them. I choose to keep the fire inside burning fearlessly. I choose to be the best I can be, regardless of any situation.

I am ever so thankful to God to whom I owe all these pleasures, and to all of my family and friends who have in their own ways made me.




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